Sari Sari Store x Little Bao Pop-Up

Chefs Margarita & Walter Manzke welcomed May Chow, Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017 of Hong Kong’s Little Bao to Los Angeles for a 2-day pop-up at Sari Sari Store on Friday, August 23 & Saturday, August 24, 2019.

Szechuan Fried Chicken

Sari Sari Store x Little Bao Pop-Up
Fried Mushrooms $6
Szechuan peppercorn oil, chili, lemon 

Brussel Sprouts $9.50
Fish sauce caramel, chili, peanuts, lime 

Shrimp Tacos $12
Fried shrimp wonton, szechuan oil marinated pineapple salsa, homemade avocado sauce

Pork Belly Bao $9.50
Slow-braised pork belly, sesame mayo, hoisin ketchup, shiso leek salad

Fried Chicken Bao $9.50
Chinkiang black vinegar glaze, szechuan peppercorn mayo, coleslaw

Ice Cream Bao $5
Coconut or black sesame ice cream made in collaboration with Chef Margarita Manzke

The above menu is no longer available at Sari Sari Store.

Sari Sari Store + Little Bao
Grand Central Market Sari Sari Store
Chef May Chow

With a reputation for creating unexpected flavor twists, mixing fine dining techniques and traditional ingredients, May Chow has garnered a loyal following of diners as well as critical acclaim; being named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017. Chow burst onto Hong Kong’s foodie scene in 2013 with Little Bao; a hipster haven serving inimitable Chinese burgers. Five years later, diners are still lining up outside for a taste. In 2018, Little Bao expands into a new location in Causeway Bay. Little Bao’s instantly recognizable baby head sign has become a Hong Kong icon, while Chow’s Chinese-American burger invention continues to turn heads and her top-notch drink selections keep tongues wagging.  

In 2017 Chow’s Chinese heritage and American upbringing inspired the opening of Happy Paradise. Here, Chow reinvigorates classic recipes and underappreciated ingredients; forging the future direction of local cuisine without losing any of its original essence. The results are equally satisfying for nostalgic locals as for neophiles seeking out a brand new experience. 

Chow’s success is due to more than her style and creativity; her work is underwritten by dynamic cross-cultural knowhow. Her popularity stems from skill as an innovator – always looking for the next inspiration – and her understanding of what makes diners really tick.