History of Sari Sari Stores

As you walk through the rural streets of the Philippines, you will often come across a Sari Sari Store. What is a Sari Sari Store, you ask? In Tagalog, Sari Sari means “variety” or “everything”. It’s a family run convenience store found on almost every street corner in the Philippines.

Sari Sari Stores are not only a one stop shop providing locals with everything from daily food necessities to cleaning supplies but they are a colorful, cultural icon that brings together the community.

These stores are a big part of the Filipino community and are often attached to the front of their homes. It is a place where locals catch up with their neighbors and children play with each other.

Just like a Sari Sari Store in the Philippines, Sari Sari Store in Grand Central Market provides you with not only delicious Filipino inspired dishes, but a place to gather with friends. So as you walk through Grand Central Market, we hope you find yourself stumbling upon our very own Filipino inspired Sari Sari Store.